18 March 2019

In 1992 Chris Boardman became the first British cyclist in 72 years to win an Olympic gold medal. So, how did an unemployed carpenter find himself standing on top of the podium at the world’s biggest sporting spectacle? It all comes down to marginal gains. He went on to head up British Cycling’s ‘Secret Squirrel Club’, where his obsession with small details and technical focus was behind the stratospheric success of Team GB in the velodrome.


In this episode Chris explains why all the big ideas to improve performance on the bike, came from outside the world of cycling. Chris also talks about the death of his mother, who was killed following a collision with a pickup truck while riding her bike, and why he is now more determined than ever to make the roads a much safer place for everyone.


Host: Lawrence Jones MBE

Guest: Chris Boardman MBE

Listening time: 42 mins

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