7 October 2019

Businesses can solve the world’s problems. But, whilst thousands of businesses are working hard to change the world and add value to peoples’ lives, there are still too many companies that are fixated on solely making money. Of course businesses need to make a profit, just as we need to breathe to live, but it’s the motivation behind that which matters most.

I strongly believe businesses need to start with passion; a desire to make positive change. When you create something that helps people and makes an impact in their lives, that impact will help keep the sales flowing.

When my wife Gail and I started UKFast 20 years ago, we set out on a journey to make a difference, to create a hosting provider that genuinely cares about its customers. The reason? I didn’t want anyone else to experience the terrible customer service that I had been subjected to when I tried to host a new business. My passion for that is what drove me to start UKFast and is what continues to drive me today. Making money was, and still is, secondary to building a business that provides exemplary levels of care and support.

If an entrepreneur makes an impact, their influence continues beyond their lifetime. Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick are just a few amazing examples. Forget about the money, behind every great business there is usually a passionate entrepreneur chasing a dream to change the world.

In this episode I share my thoughts on the ethics of business, as well as some more personal insights, as I answer more of your questions. They include:

  • You’ve made millions, why do you continue to go to the office every day?
  • Have you seriously messed up? If so, what did you learn from it?
  • Have you ever wanted to quit?
  • What one person or organisation do you admire?
  • What would be your specialist subject on mastermind?
  • Name your favourite movie character.

Host: Lawrence Jones MBE

Listening time: 50 mins

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