6 November 2013

When do you get your best ideas; the Eureka moments that magically solve problems you’ve been toiling with for days? Do they happen when you’re sitting at your desk concentrating hard or when you’re doing something else – something like boiling the kettle or taking a shower? Even Archimedes had his big revelation in the bath!

Now, I’m definitely not suggesting you spend all of your time in the shower, turning into a prune, but there is something to be said for changing your environment now and again. This is why getting some exercise into the day can be so beneficial.

Taking teams down to our training centre in Snowdonia is the UKFast way of generating great ideas when we’re facing a problem or looking for a new way to innovate or evolve. Walking in the countryside allows your mind to wander and the ideas to flow. When we change what we are doing, we change our way of thinking.

Getting out and doing something in a new environment also allows us to change the ‘state’ we are in, not only physically but emotionally, and there are huge benefits to doing this. Tony Robbins writes about the importance of changing our state – or mood – when we’re falling short of our potential.

A simple way to do this is actually to change your breathing. 70% of the toxins in the human body can be released by taking full breaths, which is why mediation and yoga often work so well to clear the mind, and why getting out into the great outdoors can make you feel so revitalised.

Seeing all of the relaxing and creative spaces we have designed going into the UKFast Campus is an incredible feeling. With each part of the building feeling like a completely different place, there is plenty to inspire creativity and get those Eureka moments happening even more!

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