13 November 2013

I was congratulated today on UKFast winning “Best Employer Of The Year” at the National Business Awards. A true honour to be recognised at such a high level by so many people. It was during a show round of our new company Creche and offices.

Actually I think they got the name of the award wrong and it should have been for the Best Employees not Employer. With only hours to spare before a VIP visit from the politician responsible for Equalities Jo Swinson, every member of the team got stuck in as they arrived this morning seeing that we needed help with the finishing touches. As each team member arrived they joined in the effort and within 20 minutes we had an army of eager window cleaners, hooverers, furniture movers, it truly was inspiring to see the care that people felt and the pride for their surroundings.

When you have such a great team, it becomes very easy to want to build them the most extraordinary environment. But which one comes first…. the chicken or the egg?

One for a deeper discussion on my Sunday Blog perhaps?



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