15 November 2013

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn

We can learn a lot from children. Amongst some of their wonderful attributes, unspoilt by adult neuroses, is their ability to dream big! When kids play games, they don’t think about the plausible or the logical; they just let their imagination go where it wants to.

I’m sure parents reading this will have played the “but why” game. Explain to a child why something is not possible and they will look up at you like you’re taking nonsense and ask, “But why?” It’s something that we could all learn from – the art of dreaming big and not limiting your own belief in what you are capable of.

When I showed Poppy, my daughter, all of the exciting new developments at the UKFast Campus, she made a comment that really hammered this home. Looking at what was to become a pond, she asked sincerely, “Can we have a duck and make it a duck flap so it can come in and out?”

As adults, our natural instinct might be to dismiss this suggestion or explain all of the reasons why we can’t do it. But anything is possible. Isn’t telling a child otherwise detrimental to their self-belief that they can achieve their goals in life? Negative thoughts are learnt things; we aren’t born with them.

Is it fair to say that dreaming of being sensible is a slightly underwhelming aspiration? And if we don’t break the mold – in business and in life – what progress are we really making?

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