21 November 2013

A small team of people will always beat a larger team. It doesn’t sound logical, however managing a small team is far easier as you are in touching distance with everyone. You are able to understand your team mate’s needs and therefore you are able to motivate them to a much higher standard.


A highly motivated person can do the work of 10 ordinary staff members. motivated people create environments where things grow. People, brands, products, customers. Demotivated people stop the interconnecting that is needed to really flourish and they disrupt.

It’s so important to remove distraction from your team. If you have a teammate who thinks its acceptable to moan, take  them quietly to one side and explain that behaviour like this demotivates everyone and actually there is evidence proving that in the long run, the demotivated people don’t last.


If you are lucky enough to be part of a team, big or small, you will get a great deal more out of it from being there and helping other.


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