26 November 2013

This morning, I spoke to Oliver Hides on his BBC Radio Wales Morning Call show. The debate focussed on last night’s Panorama, which exposed the stressful working environment at Amazon.

Dr Paul Thomas, who spoke on Morning Call before me, made the point that Amazon’s management style saw employees being treated more like machines than actual human beings; even micro-monitored as such. Isn’t it time that businesses like Amazon take note of the countless studies showing how valuable empowerment is to employee wellbeing and productivity? When will they stop breathing down the necks of their staff?

Amazon won’t see the results of what they’re doing immediately but a couple of years down the line, they will notice the damage they’ve done to their brand; not only in relation to their burnt out workforce but also to people’s propensity to use their business full stop.

If you saw Panorama last night, what did you make of it? Is any job better than no job at all, even if you’re treated like a robot?

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