29 November 2013

Have you ever heard the expression “if you can, you can; if you can’t, you can’t”? It’s a simple saying but often it’s the simple things that hold the most power and have a hidden message waiting underneath the surface. You’ve just got to be prepared to dig a little deeper.

The lesson we can learn from this saying can have a hugely positive effect on our lives and open up avenues to success. Often, it’s only our own minds that block up these avenues in the first place. People are natural experts at self-sabotage.

So, what is the message within the saying? Is it really possible that it could completely change the course of our lives? The answer is ‘yes’; quite literally. How many times have you said ‘no’ to something or someone because you thought, perhaps even on a subconscious level, “I can’t.”?

We all do it, often without even properly assessing the reasons why we think something cannot happen. I did it myself only recently when Poppy, my daughter, bounded over to me and asked, “Can we go on the trampoline?” My immediate response was to say ‘no’ because it was raining outside but then I checked myself.

Why couldn’t we go bouncing on the trampoline in the rain? Yes, we’d get wet but then we’d come in, wrap up in blankets and have a hot drink. So, I went outside and played on the trampoline with my daughter in the pouring rain and, do you know what, I’m glad I did. We now have a memory that we wouldn’t have if I’d chosen “can’t” instead of “can”.

So, the next time you say, “no, I can’t”, make sure you pause for a moment and figure out whether the boundaries stopping you are real or simply the ones you’ve put there yourself!

Looking for tadpoles in Wales

Looking for tadpoles in Wales

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