4 December 2013

I was shocked yesterday to read a Global Times article in which Britain was dismissed by China as “an old European country apt for travel and study” and “not a big power”. At a time when David Cameron is visiting China on a relationship building exercise, it’s disgraceful that the UK is being belittled like this.

Life is about the ‘here and now’ and, although there are things that need improving (there always are – there would be no progress in life without this driving force), there is still a huge amount of innovation coming out of our little island. To dismiss Britain as simply an “old European country” or to undermine its achievements by boxing them into two categories seems terribly short-sighted.

Our educational institutions are some of the best and whilst I think they could still all be improved across the board, there are a number of schools producing great tech brains and creative talent. Our challenge is not losing these people to other countries! If you look at how we performed at the last Olympics in terms of medals won and compare this to population size, it really puts the achievements of our athletes into context.

Funnily enough, I spoke to the BBC yesterday and was asked where UKFast sits as part of Great Britain and what our goals are for the future. I have always believed that the UK can compete with, and even beat, other countries globally if we get the whole country motivated and keep pushing for improvement.

Having read yesterday’s Global Times article, I can add another goal to my list as I am now absolutely determined to square the comment made in that paper. We are much more than just some “old European country.” Now is the time to step up and prove it.

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