6 December 2013

Can you go into business with the sole intention of making money and expect to succeed? And can a business that makes huge profits be classed as a success? I have to agree with Henry Ford’s assertion that “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”

So, why is money not a good incentive for those looking to launch their own business? Well, firstly, the motivation of it is short lived. You need to be passionate about everything you do. If you set up a company simply to make money I think that ultimately you’ll fail. Money won’t get you out of bed in the morning. You start to enjoy it too much and get caught up in the trappings of wealth. Then, when push comes to shove and things start going wrong, can you really be bothered or motivated to go in and fix it? People normally go in too late when the money has dried up, the business goes under and they have to restart the whole thing all over again.

Purpose is the key to business success. It’s a goal you can never hit and most great companies have one. Disney’s was to make people happy and, of course, you can’t make everyone happy all of the time. In fact, Disney makes a lot of people quite sad at times. I get terribly frustrated watching my kids get upset at part of the films before being brought back up at the end but that’s all part of it. Making people happy is something Walt Disney died trying to do.

UKFast’s purpose is to significantly accelerate commerce and learning through innovation and thought whilst contributing to our customers’ success. It’s a goal we can never hit but I’m going to die trying to achieve it; trying to become a better person, a better businessman and a better support and supplier to all the people who really care about us. These are the things that drive you. These are the things you get out of bed for.

How do I know this? Because years ago we used to sell mobile phones, and we made millions of pounds from it. However, when it came down to it and we had to make a decision about our future, we asked ourselves, ‘do we love what we do?’ and the answer was ‘no’.  Instead, we looked to our tiny little network called UKFast. Whilst one business turned over millions, it wasn’t what we were passionate about, and we chose to go forward with the one that made a lot less, vowing to invest time and energy into making it grow. And, do you know what? It was the best decision we ever made!

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