9 December 2013

Great advice can be found in the most unlikely of places. It can change your attitude and even your path in life but when do you know if it’s worth taking? Certainly, not all advice is. Can you remember how you reacted to advice when you were younger? I am willing to bet that many of us can hold our hands up and admit that we’ve ignored our parents’ advice, which then turned out to be right!

It’s hard – as a parent and as a young person growing up – to know how best to give and receive words of wisdom. So how do you help your children to find their way and when do you know whether your parents are right or wrong? As a parent, you’re likely to have your children’s best interests at heart but it’s worth asking yourself if you’re in the right position to advise them. Are you telling them how to become successful in an area you aren’t successful in? It’s important to bring in the right advice and the right people, just like a business person needs to bring in the right type of winning mentality and the people who have actually been there and done it themselves.

In my experience, I’ve found that seeking out the best people and learning from them is an effective way to achieve success at something. If you’re trying to excel at sport, find the best coach – somebody who has nearly made it or has coached the professionals; someone who has that passion and understanding. In education, look for the teacher who inspires you the most. However, it’s also perfectly reasonable for you to challenge advice and ask ‘why’.

Being young doesn’t mean you don’t have a level of wisdom but as a rule of thumb, those who have been there and actually done something themselves are in the best place to advise you. So, next time your parents warn you about something, it might be worth heeding their advice. They’ve often had the happiness, heartaches and hangovers to back it up!

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