11 December 2013

Yesterday I was asked to give my opinion on BBC WALES for the difference, if any, between the Public and Private sector. There was a lady from UNISON representing the public sector called Margret who said “there are no differences to the way in which these two sectors operate and how hard people work.”

I have to disagree and whilst I only managed to answer half the question as we ran out of time, I said you “may have to work harder in the private sector.” What I didn’t manage to say was that “ultimately you define how hard and how passionately you work” and that you will find extraordinary people in both sectors.

The big difference, and this is just an opinion before anyone bites my head off, is that in the private sector, businesses can go bump. It’s a harsh reality. However, that one negative used correctly can be the fuel for a very powerful driving force.

It is rare to see the levels of energy that you find in a small commercial organisation in the public sector as the organisation, red tape and large management structures do not support small, passionate dynamic teams who are able to change direction at the drop of a hat.

But this is a fault of the organisations and not the people.

Hard work is fun, going to work is fun, contributing is what life is about. Whether you are brushing up in a music shop like me when I first started out, or you are pacing the floors of a hospital, do it with a spring in your step and remember that you are making a difference. Have pride and passion in everything you do and have an incredible day!

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