16 December 2013

Maintaining a sense of momentum in business is arguably one of the most important contributors to success. It’s easy to become self-congratulatory and unknowingly allow complacency to soak into the fabric of your company. I have seen it before and, in my experience, I think change can help to hold this kind of stagnation at bay.

Change is a word that excites some people and repels others but without change and continuous development how would we move forward – and not just in a business sense but in a personal one too?  Obviously, if things are working then there’s no reason to alter them (you can cause damage when you try to fix things that aren’t broken) but there are always lessons to be learned and ideas that pop into our heads and have the potential to transform things for the better.

The UKFast auditorium coming together - as you can see, we couldn't quite make our minds up on the colours!

The UKFast auditorium coming together – as you can see, we couldn’t settle on just one colour!

This year has been a time of huge change for UKFast and, at times, it has felt quite overwhelming but seeing our ideas start to take shape and come together at UKFast Campus makes everything worthwhile. Seeing the team coming into work, surprised by the latest development – a new chill out zone or the unveiling of a brand new gym – I know we’re doing something really special here, something that more companies should be doing to take themselves from good to great.Whilst I’m enjoying focusing on the building work, I do feel like I’m missing the team, being out of the engine room so to speak, but awesome surprises are the UKFast way and we have goals to reach – visions to turn into reality. When I am back in the thick of it all, it will be in one of the most dynamic and unique workplaces in Britain. 2014, here we come!

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