17 December 2013

Innovation has always been at the heart of our business. As a company constantly looking for better ways of doing things, it makes sense that it is one of our core values. The people who tend to come and work at UKFast seem to have an inherent drive to make a difference whether that’s by creating new products or finding new ways to do things that benefit the business.

It’s this personality trait that has led to our team thinking outside of the box and coming up with our eCloud, an incredible achievement full of innovations, such as the orchestrator, which allows them to make bespoke solutions for clients and spin up machines in an instant. The team could easily have used off-the-shelf elements, yet they didn’t.

So what’s the reason? I would argue that it’s because people like this – people like our RnD and Enterprise teams – simply can’t settle for ‘average’ or plod along with the standard way of doing things. It’s a characteristic that I admire greatly so I’m incredibly proud that they were rewarded for their efforts last week, winning the award for ‘Innovation in Outsourcing’ at the DatacenterDynamics Awards.

I’m especially pleased that, as a result of their hard work, UKFast beat three London-based competitors to clinch the award. It’s quite a London-centric industry so to win an award like this with such international recognition is a huge accomplishment. The response from the industry has been fantastic with companies we respect commenting on our progress since coming into the data centre arena two years ago.

It’s great to gain recognition for our commitment to placing people and innovation at the core of what we do. There are plenty of things changing at UKFast at the moment but, believe me, this is one that will always stay the same.

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