19 December 2013

There are lots of things on the rise at the moment – the cost of living, politicians’ pay packets, and the prices on all of our energy bills. Is it any surprise that David Cameron has chosen the latter as a way of justifying fracking? Personally, I think this is quite a transparent way of trying to pacify the public and get us all on side.

While we do need more jobs and cheaper energy bills, I would argue that they are not worth the price of our health or environment. It’s so important in life to really pay careful consideration to things. It sounds ironic considering the subject but you have to dig a little deeper. Lower bills sound appealing but what about the things that lie beneath the surface?

Scientists in the US, where fracking is already going ahead, carried out a study that has even been published in a scientific journal. The study focused on water pollution at fracking sites, looking at chemicals that disrupt hormones in the human body. Of the hundreds of chemicals used to release gas from shale rocks, a lot of them have the ability to alter reproductive hormones. What would you say if I told you that the scientists found sites where the level of these chemicals was high enough to interfere with our hormones, posing a health risk? It’s concerning, isn’t it?

This isn’t the only water worry either; there have been tremors caused by the build-up of pressure fracking causes deep in the ground. What we’re doing here effectively is messing with the fabric of the earth, leaving fracturing fluid in the cracks. I can’t believe that this process doesn’t pose any risk to us and to the environment.

Cameron has told us not to worry about the safety issues of fracking because the government will make sure that the industry maintains its standards! But how much can we trust a government that has for so long failed to maintain its own standards?

So what do you think? Do you believe Cameron or are you feeling fractious about fracking too?

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