23 December 2013

Eighteen months ago, we sat down and put together a winning formula for our business. Why? Because life is about planning ahead and giving yourself the best chance of success.

InspirationIf you look at the Vikings and the Romans, they would spend years preparing before they invaded a foreign country, building boats and training their armies. Those who didn’t and went into unchartered territory found themselves in difficult times.

Whilst 2012 was about building our own data centres, 2013 focussed on finding a home for our ever expanding team. We have always dreamt big and we needed a building that would match the epic next stage to our journey.

People often seem surprised at the ideas we’re bringing to life in our new home and the level of attention to detail, but I want our team to be able to perform at the highest level. It’s essential, therefore, that we create the optimum environment for them to do so, and this includes inspirational spaces as well as spaces to switch off and feel at home.  Put simply, the environment you operate in will contribute to your overall result, so if you are preparing to win, you need a set-up thats conducive to high performance, somewhere inspirational.

Success rarely comes to people on their first try and you are almost guaranteed to fail if you fail to prepare. This is why we have Muhammad Ali’s famous words on the wall at UKFast Campus – to remind everybody including myself, that if they put in the miles then nothing can stop them from one day dancing under the lights.

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