26 December 2013

It always surprises me when I hear people say they don’t have time for a break, they are simply too busy and can’t afford to slow down. Whilst I appreciate the need for momentum, if you don’t take a holiday or break regularly, you will eventually burn out and that will definitely put the brakes on any form of progress!

Put simply, you need time to take stock and reflect otherwise you will run out of fuel and do yourself damage. Time is valuable, but so is time to yourself, away from the workplace and your normal routine.

It can be difficult for workaholics to switch off as the need to achieve something runs so deep, but is a day spent playing with your kids or walking along the beach with your partner not a day well spent? I would argue that it is, and I think most hard-working successful people understand the value of good quality time out.

Whatever you’re doing this Boxing Day, I hope you are making the most of that precious time to reflect and enjoy. Let me know what you’re getting up to.

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