28 December 2013

I could have been doing the hoovering or catching up with the endless job lists us blokes get during holiday times, but somehow I found myself tackling a challenge head on in what was supposed to be a few days welcomed rest. Why? I found someone who needed my help more than you could ever imagine.

A photograph of a little boy in a wheelchair and a story how someone burnt down his Christmas present on Christmas Eve was enough to spark me into action.
It’s amazing what can be achieved when you put your mind to something. In less than 24 hours we have met the family and little Harvey and his baby sister.

Sometimes when you do something you have to consider the options. This was not one of those occasions. I asked Gail if she minded me going to help and she thought it was a lovely idea….. and here we are. DAY 2.

So before I leave the house and brave the elements and go and rally the team @UKFast, have a read of a message Mrs Ratcliff sent me yesterday.


“I cannot begin to tell you how greatful we are for all that you are doing for Harvey. The arsonists who did this didn’t only ruin our Christmas but they also robbed us of our daughter’s very first – something we will never get back. No words will describe how eternally greatful not only Wes & I but our families & close friends are to you. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts, I cannot wait to get back from Scotland to see the finished result. Lawrence you are one in a million – thank you xxxx”
Fiona Spearman Ratcliff

One final thing:

I had a chat with a chap called John Pullman (head of ITN News) years ago and asked him why all the news was so depressing.  He said, “People don’t want to hear good news. They thrive off bad news and good news doesn’t sell.”

I never believed it but walked away knowing that he’ll never change his opinion, but believing he was firmly wrong.

The past 24 hrs has to be proof that in fact, people love good news and it makes the community stronger actually empowering people to do more and try harder.

I have had over 20,000 people read my blog on this subject and I have lost count of the thousands of messages I have had wishing me and the team well. The story has been covered by 2 radio stations, the Manchester Evening News, Daily Mail and its appeared in a whole host of other places.

The GREAT people of BRITAIN are speaking and we want more good news. More good deeds but it starts with you today. Who can you help? Who can you inspire? Go and have fun in the process and see what a difference you can make to someones life today, however small, just try harder.

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