31 December 2013

The news of Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident that has left him fighting for his life, has really struck a chord with me, as it has with his many fans and Formula 1 peers.

Whilst I don’t know Michael personally, I did get the chance to meet him, albeit briefly, on a family holiday to Rangali Island. He was in retirement at the time and came across as a quiet family man, yet there was no question that he was still in great shape.

Hearing what had happened to him this week brought back memories of my avalanche accident, which also took place away from the marked runs. Events like these really remind you how dangerous it can be to venture off the beaten track in search of new thrills. Whether those thrills are worth the risk involved is another question.

For now, I don’t think Michael could be in better hands. He is being looked after in the hospital in Grenoble that I was taken to after being dug from the snow, and they are well experienced in treating people who have been caught up in skiing accidents.

More importantly, if there is anyone who can pull through a situation like this, it’s Michael. The strength required both physically and emotionally to compete in Formula One shows the strength of his ability to fight for victory. I truly believe that he has the inner focus and determination to win this battle, which might just be the biggest of his life.

Our thoughts are with you, Michael.

Keep fighting.


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