20 January 2014

Competition is one of those things that seems to be loved by some and deplored by others. You can see it on school sports days when teachers soften the blow for children who didn’t do well by claiming that there are no winners or that everyone’s a winner for taking part. Where does this leave the kids who might not be so gifted at more academic subjects, but excel at sport?

In my opinion, competition drives progress. It’s what motivates you to get better and reach new heights, and it’s not necessarily something that has to be overt. You can set yourself a goal of beating someone who’s much better than you at something – an expert in their field – as a way to raise the bar for yourself and motivate you to practice and work hard.

Personally, I look at people I’ve got to know, people like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins, and they’re all normal guys who have achieved great things. I don’t hold anybody to such high esteem that we need to be in awe of them. These are guys that need to be beaten, these are guys we need to learn from, these are guys that want people to compete with them. You don’t even need to tell someone you’re competing with them either. Just set a goal in your own mind.

The most important person to compete with, however, is yourself. Celebrate your achievements, but then look at how you can improve on them. Make last week’s high point this week’s low point, like a springboard to catapult you to success.

Who are you competing with at the moment? Whose achievements have you set out to beat?

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