31 January 2014

We’ve all heard the sayings; “home is where the heart is.” “home is where you lay your hat”, but I think it means different things to different people. I have a number of places I could call home. Manchester as a city is an adopted home; it’s a place I know well and it’s full of people I work with and care about. It’s full of memories and new experiences waiting to be had. And I’ve also been working hard to get our new office looking like a home, which is why Gail and I tried out textures, styles, colours and even lighting in our own house before putting them into UKFast Campus. So, in one way, a home is somewhere you can relax and be comfortable in. When I see people walking around the office in their socks or barefoot (some even have slippers) it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished this part of the plan.

Getting some fresh air with the dogs in Snowdon

Getting some fresh air with the dogs in Snowdon

For me, however, Wales will always be a place I associate with ‘coming home’ in the sense that when I arrive at Castell Cidwm after a busy few weeks, there’s a sense of relief. Everything is magnified when you’re closer to it so sometimes getting away is the best thing to do in order to gain some perspective.

In Snowdon, I can replace the smart suit and shoes with wellington boots and a jumper and go for a walk with the dogs. There’s limited access on your phone down there and it’s a place where you can just breathe out and relax.

Although there are homes from home like Richard Branson’s place on Necker Island, nothing quite beats Wales for me. In a way, the Castell Cidwm Estate is my Necker! There have been plenty of memories and good times had by all down there too – and I’ve got a few things up my sleeve to make sure there are many more to come.

What is ‘home’ to you? Is it the place you were born; grew up, or something else completely?

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