3 February 2014

This weekend, a new maximum fine came into place for companies paying their employees less than minimum wage, raising it from £5,000 up to £20,000. Whilst I support this move, shouldn’t more have been done sooner to enforce these laws, which ultimately are there to make sure British people aren’t exploited?

Who are these companies that think paying the bare minimum will get them anything vaguely resembling good results? We should be naming and shaming them as they are undoubtedly a detriment to the success of the country. Paying your employees the least you can get away with is not only missing the point, but also self-defeating. If your team don’t feel like you value them then they will be demotivated and you’re unlikely to get (or deserve) any loyalty from them. Nor are they going to go the extra mile to keep your customers happy. They will do as little as you do.

This is why, in my opinion, paying a wage is not enough, never mind paying less than the national minimum. You have to engage your employees and create an inspiring environment full of opportunities, incentives and praise. We have to make Britain great, not just good, and we can’t do that unless more businesses start to realize the value of investing in their employees and stop taking advantage of hard working people.

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