4 February 2014



The start of a new month often brings with it a sense of being able to ‘start again’, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck in a bad habit or pattern of behavior. This month, try asking yourself why you might be falling short of your goals; what thought processes might be stopping you from achieving your potential? Often, self-doubt starts to set in when you’re growing up. I think we’ve started to create a culture of managing our children’s expectations by telling them that they can’t do certain things without questioning why.

I think this does children a disservice and these belief patterns, once formed, can accompany us into adulthood. Not everyone has a parent or a coach who pushes them and encourages self-belief. But that’s why great people such as Tony Robbins are well worth listening to, as they will remind you that actually the barriers we perceive are imaginary, sustained only by ourselves. “We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.”

What will you do this month to become the person you want to be and achieve the things you want to achieve?


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