6 February 2014

I often talk about persistence and its value in creating a successful business or getting to the top of your game in your chosen field. However, whilst it’s important to put in the practice and keep your goals in sight, we have to strike the right balance when it comes to pursuing them. Persistence needs to be measured and it’s all too easy to cross the line and appear too eager. It’s even easier to cross into the zone where someone comes across as desperate, or worse, a nuisance.

When you don’t have a relationship with someone these lines are a lot closer together. If building up a friendship with someone and learning from them is part of a wider goal then it’s important to not put them on the back foot by being overly pushy. Simply put, there’s a difference between impressing someone and stressing someone! And often, your long term success will be determined on how well you understand these boundaries.

“Less is more.” It’s a saying we’ll all have heard of but one that we might sometimes forget.

What’s the most important three word piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

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