14 February 2014

No matter how cynical you are about Valentine’s Day, and personally I don’t celebrate it as I think it should happen 365 days a year, the underlying theme is arguably one of life’s biggest drivers. For most people, love scores highly on their list of life priorities. If you don’t believe me, look at how many great (and not so great) songs were inspired by this one emotion.

To me, there is no question that love is a huge motivator. It’s one of the reasons Olympic athletes reach the podium. Why else would they put so much blood, sweat and tears into training when their life might be a lot easier without these kinds of pressures?

Sometimes people ask me why I chose to go into business with my partner and others even tell me that they couldn’t do it themselves and whilst it might not work for everyone, I can’t imagine having a different partner, both in life and in business. It’s definitely been a journey that we’ve taken together, moving in the same direction. I think many relationships seem to falter because they start to split into different paths over time. Maybe sharing new adventures and the same sense of purpose is what keeps love alive.

So whilst you might have put a lot of effort into spoiling your other half today, don’t allow yourself to take your loved ones for granted, and this includes friends, family; even pets! I’ve had the experience of being on death’s door and, trust me, in those moments money and personal belongings didn’t even feature. The thought of not being able to see the people you love again is a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone. So seize the moment every day as life’s too short to leave things unsaid.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Manchester!

Oh, and in answer to the question, I think love probably has quite a lot to do with it, no matter what “it” happens to be…

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