24 February 2014

Last week, I came across a portrait of the late Steve Jobs by an artist called Jason Mecier and I wanted to share it with you. Made up of a collage of electronic objects Jobs helped to innovate including mobile phones, bits of keyboards and, of course, iPods, it seems a fitting tribute to a leader who understood the importance of every day and wanted to do great work that benefitted others.

It’s a fascinating concept and one that makes you wonder how your life could be represented in the same way. It’s also a firm reminder that we are associated with the things we do in life so it’s worth doing something you’re proud of.

What objects would make up your portrait, and how do you think the people around you would choose to illustrate you?

Jason Mecier's portrait of Jobs

Jason Mecier’s portrait of Jobs. Credit to the artist and magazine The Bold Italic.

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