13 March 2014

I was recently asked what my favourite tech invention is and although it’s a tricky one, as it invariably changes from time to time, I think I’d have to say the watch. Those who know me might argue that this is something to do with my feelings about timekeeping and I daresay that’s got something to do with it, but it’s more than that.

Think about it, the only thing you can’t ever get back is time. It’s the only thing equal to all people. So that little thing ticking away on your wrist serves as an important reminder to make the most of the gift you’ve been given and the time you have with the people you love. How you choose to spend your time will determine so many things not only for yourself but for others too.

And if you’re wondering what my feelings about timekeeping are, just ask any of my team who have turned up late to a meeting before. Chances are, they’ll have only done it once!

What would you say was your favourite invention? It can be anything, but I’d love to know why.

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