26 March 2014

Sometimes in life, you have to take risks and step into the unknown in order to make progress. But what are the possible repercussions and how sure should we be before jumping into the abyss?

As the safety of fracking comes under the spotlight again, I can’t help but ask these kinds of questions. According to a study carried out at the University of Durham, we simply don’t have enough data on previous hydrocarbon well failures to fully assess the risks. In the US, where there is some public data, research found that hundreds of shale gas wells had experienced failures leading to pollution concerns. With so many chemicals in fracking fluid, it’s really not something we want leaking into the environment.

What do you think about fracking? Is it a risk worth taking or should we be focussing more on alternate sources of energy, such as solar or hydroelectric power? I know where I stand, but I’d love to hear from you.

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