27 March 2014

The roads were a bit quieter yesterday morning as teachers across the country went on strike and whilst I understand that the situation they’re in is frustrating, I don’t think anyone should strike, ever. Yes, their salaries should be higher and I can’t find a good answer as to why they’re not higher than those of politicians, who accepted pay rises with the excuse that they didn’t actually want them but were obliged to take them!

That being said, I don’t condone striking and it’s certainly not the way to get your voice heard. Would teachers listen to the children in their classes when they were stamping their feet and throwing tantrums? I doubt it. Communication can’t take place effectively when one party is acting in this kind of manner. In my opinion, the strike yesterday simply stole time from our children – valuable time in which they could have been learning. It’s easy to underestimate but a lot can happen in just one day.

So, whilst I respect the concerns that teachers have, I think they’ve done more harm than good with this latest strike. There’s got to be a better way to get the opinions of both sides heard and resolved than neglecting the educational needs of our young people. They are at the heart of this whole thing after all!

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