31 March 2014

There’s so much we can take from the world of competitive sport, and I think today is a particularly interesting time to apply some of it to business. It’s the last day of the month, but also the first day of a new week; almost like a springboard between March and April.

If you’ve started off the month strongly, smashing your targets and clearing all of the hurdles along the way, it’s easy to lose speed towards the end. However, most great sprinters muster every last bit of energy to power through those final few metres, and personally I think we should be trying to emulate this.

So let’s not sit back because it’s the last day of the month. Instead, let’s dig deep and finish strong so we can launch ourselves into April with a head start. We’ve all got a personal best to beat!

The UKFast runners after last year's BUPA 10k

UKFast runners after last year’s BUPA 10k

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