1 April 2014

After twelve years of research and lots of effort to keep it secret, I’m thrilled to be able to reveal our new

product, which I think is pretty groundbreaking. Yet, there’s also another emotion at play, and it’s one of huge

relief as we finally reach the summit of a fairly intense uphill journey. Today, we are unveiling a new level of

innovation with the world’s first thought-controlled, artificially intelligent servers. But how? By using the very

latest modular pod-based architecture in risk-mitigated discreet isolation.

For years, there has been debate about the possibility of creating a machine with near-human intelligence but

only a few companies have ever come close. To be the first to market is a great achievement for UKFast and

obviously we’re keen to share this new innovation with our clients. What’s great for customers is that the server

literally supports itself, although our engineers can use their minds to both monitor servers and override them

should the hardware turn a bit iRobot.

Check out our artificially intelligent servers here:

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