3 April 2014

Here’s a question for you: are office relationships a good idea or do you think they’re risky business? I stumbled across an article whilst browsing a business site last week that warned readers about the perils of embarking on an office romance, and quite frankly, I hadn’t realised that it was such an issue. Yes, it’s good to think about the consequences of your actions, but I also think it’s easy to overegg the pudding.

UKFast founders still going strong!

UKFast founders still going strong!

If you’re running a business that has a strong culture and is full of like-minded people then it goes without saying that some of them will find that connection. Lots of people have found their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives at UKFast and personally I think it’s great to see. It really adds to the family feeling of the business and reinforces the great job our recruitment team do to find great people with shared values.

People argue that office relationships are risky because they might not work out and whilst I completely understand that things might be awkward for a while if this did happen, I’m of the view that we’re all adults and are responsible for our own decisions. Who am I to tell people not to pursue a relationship simply because they work in the same place?

Where do you stand on the matter? Have you ever had a workplace relationship? Perhaps you met your partner at work and you’re still together now. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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