9 April 2014

I’ve long believed that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is an effective way to maximise the lessons you can learn in life. When you embrace new or unfamiliar experiences, you’re bound to learn something – often about yourself. Bringing some of the team out to enjoy the sunshine in Verbier is a much deserved reward – a thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.

And whilst it’s a great opportunity to generate fresh ways to improve products and services away from the workplace, I also think it’s the perfect chance to add in a little challenge. Putting yourself out there and learning something new, like skiing – which some people find quite scary – or pushing yourself to get better at it, is a great way to realise your potential and see what’s possible when you say ‘yes’ to new experiences.

And whether you’re snow ploughing or carving, there’s always the après ski to contend with! But that’s for another blog…


The UKFast Ski Patrol


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