10 April 2014

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I remember the early years of UKFast with a mixture of fondness and relief. Whilst it was a hugely exciting time, it definitely had its ups and down, as with most things in life. When you’re eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, things can get a little tense, to say the least! So what do you do when the pressure starts to get to you, when you get to the end of your tether and you’re teetering on the brink between success and failure?

What’s your gut instinct? Personally, I think if something has made you passionate enough to set up your own business – a bold move in itself – then it’s worth fighting for. You’re an entrepreneur; it’s in your nature to find ways around problems. So dig deep and take a step back from the brink. It might be a good time to seek out some advice from someone you admire, someone who has become successful in your field. Arm yourself with knowledge. Read business books, listen to great minds; Tony Robbins, Jim Collins, and try to find out what successful businesses are doing that you aren’t.

So many people with great ideas fail because they simply give up too soon. If you do experience failure then learn from it, yes, but don’t let it diminish the drive that made you pursue your dreams in the first place. Many legendary entrepreneurs and innovators throughout history failed a few times before they found the right formula. So step back from the brink and take a deep breath. You can do this…

Don't let that sinking feeling stop you!

Don’t let that sinking feeling stop you!

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