14 April 2014

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton

I’ve always wondered why so many people seem to work so hard to get themselves into a position of power, only to abuse it. Is it something about human nature that makes us more inclined to try and take advantage of every situation for our own gain? Or is it not nature, but nurture – the combination of experience and observed behaviour?

Photo by Ian Britton

Photo by Ian Britton

There’s a pervading sense of disappointment in Britain at the moment, with another politician dipping her toe into the public pot just as positivity about the country and its economy was starting to lift. Whilst we ‘trust’ the government to look after our money – the country’s money – they bow to temptation time and time again. Sometimes, I think they forget what they’re doing is stealing.

What would happen if we stole from Inland Revenue? Do you think they would ask us to pay back just a bit of the money we’d taken? No, they’d want all of it and we’d probably get a criminal record as well. And what if we claimed not to have known we’d taken the money? What if we’d feigned ignorance? Well, I think, when you’re in a position of responsibility, “I didn’t know” just doesn’t cut it. It’s almost as bad as “my dog ate my homework”!

Whilst I understand that people make mistakes, Maria Miller is not just guilty of taking a couple of quid. This is a huge amount of money. Shouldn’t the police should be stepping in here? The Post Office has their own internal investigation team to police criminal matters within the organisation, and there are transport police; maybe what we need next is politics police!

What Miller has committed is theft and when one person gains, another loses. It seems like those within the government have almost come to expect this kind of behaviour from their peers, and I think the only way to make them stop is the threat of prison. What do you think; will we see more MPs caught out again in the future? Are there any politicians you actually trust?

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