16 April 2014

I love getting questions thrown my way from readers; it’s a great way to kick-start discussion over certain topics. The latest one I’ve had is about parents taking their kids out of school for holidays during term time. It’s certainly an interesting one, and one that’s likely to stir up a lot of different opinions.

Personally, I think it’s easy to forget that with both private and state schools, we’re still paying for our children’s education one way or another. And like anything you pay for, you should be able to make choices. If you’ve got very busy people with erratic hours then if they get an opportunity to take a few days before the beginning of the holidays to spend with their children then who are we to say, “No, you can’t do that”?

Does a holiday mean you stop learning or developing? I’m not sure it does. Tegan, for example, has been working on her Latin homework during the holidays. Surely, responsible parents will want their kids to catch up on homework before they go or refresh their knowledge during a break.

Learning about tadpoles in Wales

Learning about tadpoles in Wales

Then of course, you’ve got the problem of the holiday companies boosting their prices so much during school holidays that it makes it too hard for some families to get away. In my opinion, children spending quality time with their parents is as important as education. Just take some books and make sure your kids are learning whilst they’re away.

I think this debate also raises another question of how we get our schools so great that no child ever wants to miss out. I think if you’re going to take your children on holiday during term time, they should have a say in that decision too. If they’re participating in sports or have a commitment to a school play then they’re not going to want to go away and miss out on that.

What do you make of the issue? If you’ve been affected by the peak pricing from holiday companies, in particular, are you ever tempted to take your children out of school during term time?

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