17 April 2014

Perception is a fascinating thing. Not only does it differ from one person to the next, but it can also be a collective phenomenon too, influencing trends and thought patterns across the board. Whilst it’s not always a good thing, as people’s perceptions of themselves often mean they settle for less than they’re capable of, there are times when a change in public perception particularly can be a blessing.

apprenticespressIn my opinion, our increasing reliance upon technology has resulted in the word “geek” taking on a new meaning. Where it might once have been an insult, it’s now arguably quite a nice compliment. It implies that you’ve impressed someone with your knowledge of technology and it put brains back in the picture as a top desirable trait. I’ve even seen the word printed on t-shirts in the shops! Being a geek is finally cool! I mean, look at the Victoria’s Secret model who’s also a programmer. Perceptions of the kinds of people who enjoy technology are changing.

This is, invariably, a good thing when it comes to the skills gap we’re experiencing in the industry. I think introducing coding into the curriculum is a great first step although I could name a number of people who’d tell you it should have been introduced sooner. Kids want to take their computers to bits now and learn out what runs them. Making such great progress with tech education is only going to be a good thing in a word where, both personally and professionally, we’re becoming ever-more reliant on technology to live and communicate. Personally, I think we’re at a turning point and it’s great to C!

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