18 April 2014

How do we make the most from the time we have? Life is so short when you look at the bigger picture, and the passing of time is something I feel acutely every single day. I understand that some people might think this is a burden, but I’m actually quite grateful for the daily reminder.

Recently, I’ve taken more of a step back from the business and whilst I’m still working quietly in the background, the break has allowed me to do more of something far more valuable – spending time with my girls. It’s easy to get distracted in life, but when your children are growing up and learning and forming a view of the world, there’s so much you could potentially miss out on.

I’ve no doubt that many people will be enjoying an Easter egg hunt or maybe getting creative and covered in paint this weekend, but whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re having fun. Make sure you don’t waste a second.

Happy Easter!

Spring skies on the horizon

Spring skies on the horizon

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