21 April 2014

Congratulations to you if you’ve managed to abstain from something that you gave up for lent – until yesterday of course! Every now and again, I think it’s good to give something up, whether that’s from your diet or your life in general. It’s a good test to see whether you can go without it and – when you regain it – there’s a deeper sense of appreciation there too.

Photo by John Loo

Photo by John Loo

What’s interesting is that some people’s experiences of giving something up temporarily actually change their perception of it in the long term, allowing them to step back and evaluate the role it plays in their life. I know some of the team back at UKFast HQ have given up things like fizzy drinks and as a result have upped their intake of water and now feel healthier and more energized than ever!

Did you give anything up for lent? If so, how do you feel now it’s no longer forbidden fruit?

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