22 April 2014

We recently launched our new DevOps team at UKFast to make sure we put innovation at the heart of the business. Whilst I’m aware that, on the surface, it seems easier to just buy software in ‘off-the-shelf’, in the long term it’s actually more beneficial to develop our own ideas.

So, what are the benefits? Well, aside from having that level of control over cost and speed of development, being able to design software ourselves means that we can continue to grow it fairly seamlessly. There are some great pieces of kit out there, but sometimes they can become limiting. It becomes difficult to create a powerful system whose components can actually talk to each other and work together rather than against each other – or simply just on different wavelengths.

emerging-technology.sml_I think, more and more these days, technology is about being adaptive, and when we can made additions or extensions to our own products and services, it means we have more to offer and can speed things up whilst being a lot more creative in the process. After all, technology is moving forward and we want to be able to move forward with it.

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