25 April 2014

It feels like we’ve been caged for a long time in the UK. As everything shrank under the dark cloud of the recession – public confidence and companies’ spending including – it seemed like the shutters were coming down. But now is the time to grow. The shutters are well and truly up and the country is open for business.

Personally, I think techies and tech entrepreneurs are really driving the pace here. It’s so easy to buy from the internet now, no matter what it is that you want. So, how do we keep this sense of momentum?

I think, more than anything, if you want to make more money and grow your business, you’ve got to invest and spend. Whilst it’s important to remember that there will be rainy days in the future, keeping the purse strings pulled tight shut isn’t going to push you forward. It might feel scary, but just make sure you spend your money wisely.

One of the disappointing things for businesses – and their employees – is that tax allowances don’t really help employers to run events for staff to nurture a sense of engagement and excitement. You might argue that it’s not necessary to give your team these great experiences and say that they’re just company jollies, but I’d have to disagree. I’d defend these kinds of trips to the hilt! We’ve just sent our tech team to Vegas to reward them for consistently going the extra mile for our clients, and they couldn’t be more inspired. It’s amazing to see.

Growth encompasses many things when it comes to business, and one of those things is definitely investment in your team. So, when I say spend your money wisely, I suppose you could say that what I mean is – spend it on looking after people; both your customers and those who take care of them!

The UKFast tech team feeling the love in Vegas!

The UKFast tech team feeling the love in Vegas!

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