28 April 2014

There’s a common misconception that, in business, age comes before youth and experience takes precedence over exuberance. Of course, these qualities aren’t mutually exclusive, but I think we’re often guilty of underestimating the capabilities of younger people.

Personally, I’d take youth over experience any time. Experience is the safe bet, but it doesn’t beat the passion and hunger of youth. When Alex Ferguson gave younger players a chance, he was mocked for putting “children” on the pitch. But then, soon after, David Beckham made a moment in history when he scored from the halfway line and people began to realise Fergie might have something after all!


That’s why we’re getting schools involved with our business. The young people who come and do work experience with us often return years later to apply for jobs, which is ideal, especially if it means they stay and develop their career in Manchester instead of looking for jobs in London.

Whilst we’re not the market leader, but I like to think we lead the market, and investing in young people is part of that. If we can get involved with educating the next generation of tech talent, making the internet safer and developing it faster then we’ve won. It’s a more long term approach, but I think it’s the way forward.


Photo by SG Lee

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