1 May 2014

How important is it to you that companies take the right steps to reduce their carbon footprint? Do you think we could be doing more to reduce our long term impact on the planet?

Green goals - Rain power in Wales

Green goals – rain power in Wales

This month, the greenest companies in the US were announced and, in the UK, eight renewable energy projects were given the go ahead from the government. I think this underlines the growing importance of ‘going green’, as more people start taking it seriously. But what’s the business case for investing?Green energy might not be cheap, but I think it’s fair to say that cheap has never been the best! Cheap will never get you great service. You could argue that there’s no immediate benefit for investing in green energy, but I think we should all be thinking more long term than that. We use so much energy – in the data centre industry especially – it’s essential to try and offset it.

Personally, I don’t want our business impacting negatively on our environment. Everything we touch, we should be adding value to. All of the power we use already is hydroelectric – and we pay a premium for that – but looking ahead, if we could do that ourselves and have our power created by the rain falling on the Welsh mountains, nothing would make me happier (other than an electric Bentley, perhaps)! Hydroelectricity may not currently be part of our core business, but neither was building data centres at one point!

Ultimately, I think the benefits of the internet contribute to a better future, help people to access information and knowledge, and connect people. It also means that there’s less need to be travelling up and down motorways for business meetings – it can all be done over the internet. My ethos is, wherever you find huge costs, find a way to do it yourself, and do it better. Green energy is just one of these things – and when it comes to business, I think it has massive potential.

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