2 May 2014

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Did you catch us on Channel 4’s Secret Eaters this week? If you happened to be watching, you’ll have seen two groups of UKFasters taking part in an experiment, proving that – as with so many things in life – preparation is key.

SECRETLed to believe they were taking part in a team-building exercise (and probably relieved it wasn’t taking place in a cold Welsh lake this time) the groups were actually being watched to see how much they’d eat at lunch when faced with a variety of food. Whilst one group had pre-ordered their meal, the other hadn’t and was faced with an on the spot choice when lunch came around.

I’ve got to say, it was pretty amusing seeing some of the team covered in face paint, sneaking extra food onto their plates, but of course the team who prepared their lunch in advance ate the healthiest. It really goes to show how important planning and preparation are when it comes to achieving success.

And, if you’re trying to shift some pounds, you’ve got to really think about your choices in advance and make sure that you eat regularly. Skipping breakfast is a poor choice and leads to lethargy and sugar cravings. It’s why, after the account managers’ meeting on Fridays, they’re treated to a healthy breakfast.

Whilst people often think of routine and planning ahead as ‘boring’, I’d argue that they provide you with a strong, stable platform, especially if you have busy days to contend with. What do you think? Are you sometimes guilty of being a secret eater?

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