5 May 2014

What does customer service mean to you in a world of rapidly changing technology? Does the expectation ever line up with reality? For me, personally, it should be about people. How many times when you phone a company for advice are you passed from pillar to post? And conversely, how many times have you felt valued and supported? I’d love to hear about the brands that have impressed you by going above the call of duty to help you.

I’m definitely not saying that we don’t make mistakes at UKFast. As a business, we’re always learning as we grow, and I know that every now and then, mistakes do happen. But it’s how we use those experiences to inform us, moving forward, that makes the difference.

Another aspect of customer service, which was actually featured in our businesscloud publication recently, is the way it plays out on social media. I think a lot of brands still have some catching up to do, as there seems to be a gap between the businesses doing it well and the ones that haven’t yet realised just how important social engagement is to the customer experience.

It seems like it’s no longer a 9-5 kind of job either, as people take to twitter at all hours of the day – and night (as our social media manager can attest to) – to get in touch with you. Perhaps what this means is that the key to effective customer service is effective communication. Or does it simply mean going above and beyond people’s expectations? What do you think? Which brands have impressed you lately?

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Superhero Support

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