7 May 2014

City University London has announced the introduction of two new postgraduate degrees in Data Science and Cyber Security, to begin in September. The university already has a cyber security centre so it’s good to see them extending this to involve teaching and education as well as research.

datasecurityCybercrime is evolving at a startling rate and there are some very clever people out there keeping us on our toes. However, I think it’s fair to say that in the UK we’ve been fairly slow off the mark to arm ourselves against this threat. Personally, I think Mandela’s saying about education being the most powerful weapon to change the world is appropriate here.

Outside of London, Lancaster University already runs a Cyber Security MSc, which is positive for the North of England. The consequences of newly qualified cyber experts remaining in the capital wouldn’t bode well for other regions, which are too often left in the shadow of London.

I think that if we spread investment, training and opportunities more equally across the country, we can better prepare ourselves, as a nation, against online crime. What do you think? Is the rise of targeted, vocational university courses like the ones in London, Lancaster and elsewhere, the lynchpin to successfully countering cybercrime?

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