14 May 2014

In nature, we either keep growing and evolving or we die. It relies on maintaining balance and understanding the cause and effect cycle that governs life. The recent news about the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet, something scientists now claim is unstoppable, means that this balance is completely out of kilter.

Image Credit: Jim Yungel/NASA

Image Credit: Jim Yungel/NASA

Two studies, including one by Nasa, have linked the melting ice sheet to climate change and, whilst rising sea levels associated with it won’t become apparent for a number of centuries, we need to face up to the impact our decisions and activities are having now. Even if the collapse is inevitable, this doesn’t mean we can sit back and shrug our shoulders. Surely, the less carbon we emit, the slower the decline. People may argue that natural causes are to blame for climate change but it’s ultimately human error that has delivered the fatal blow.

At a time when we’re faced with facts like these, why is it that the government is still moving forward with fracking? If we needed another reason to resist the easy energy wins of this process, this is it! We should be investing more in renewable energy; in solar, wind and hydroelectricity. It’s something we’re very aware of, as our industry uses a lot of energy, and whilst the power we use is hydroelectric and we pay a premium for that, I think the future of the data centre sector lies in generating our own green energy.

What I would say, however, is that the internet is a real tool for change and I think we can make better use of it. As I’ve said before, I think travelling for business reasons is becoming less important, as you can communicate or work from anywhere now. We need to be thinking long term and making little improvements that, over time, will add up to deliver positive change.

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