27 May 2014

The media is so central to life in Britain. It’s almost like we live on a diet of headlines and pull quotes, and sometimes it all gets a bit sinister. I think, over the last few decades, the media has been infected from the inside out and it’s only now that it’s all coming to light.

poisionThere are so many genuinely talented people in this industry doing great work so it’s important to make sure those who have breached our trust by hacking phones and carrying out indecent acts are held accountable. If you’ve got sick individuals at the top of an industry, expect it to have poison running through its veins. The process of removing these influences is likely to be a long one, but I think we’re going to be a stronger nation as a result.

I also think it’s time that newspapers considered feeding our appetite for good news and uplifting stories, as I’ve seen time and time again the good natured, supportive streak running through this country. Papers might believe that bad news sells, but then I would question why readership is at an all-time low.

Is it fair to say that a greater number of people would read the papers if they were more inspiring and uplifting? I’m not saying we don’t need to know about important events across the world if they’re negative; I just think there’s an appetite for good news that’s not being filled. What do you think?

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