11 June 2014

Have you ever found that, when you’re struggling to crack a problem, all it takes is a change of scene to get the ideas flowing again? I’ve always found it really interesting to see what happens when you take your team out of the office and into a different environment. There’s something about stepping outside that wipes the slate clean, as if you’re stepping into a new headspace.

Take it outsideIt’s been great seeing the progress back at UKFast HQ, especially to the outside areas, which are designed to encourage relaxation and conversation. You can’t always be inspired by the same space day in, day out, so it really pays to create an inspirational outdoor area where people can escape and feel the breeze on their skin.

Whilst it’s not always sunshine and rainbows in Manchester, I’ve experienced the positive benefits of outdoor meetings myself. So, if you’re visiting us at UKFast Campus and you hear someone say, “let’s take this outside” then don’t worry, it’s a meeting not a duel!

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