17 June 2014

One of the most liberating things to learn in life is the fact that you cannot please everyone all of the time. It’s an uphill struggle littered with false summits, and one that you simply cannot surmount. Unfortunately, I think a lot of children these days are brought up trying too hard to live up to the expectations of others, whether it’s their parents, their school or their friends. In my experience growing up, I was very conscious of trying to please the people around me, especially my parents.

Whilst it’s important to consider and understand the wants and opinions others, if you’re too focused on pleasing everyone, you’re at risk not only of wearing yourself out but of losing sight of your own goals and the things that make you happy.So, does this mean you should simply stop trying? Personally, I don’t think it should. However, it’s important to remember not to be too hard on yourself if not everybody is on board with your plans. Think about the great businesses that have made, as their ‘purpose’, something they can’t feasibly achieve. The fact that they can’t ever hit it is not the point. A purpose acts as the driving force that keeps you moving forward.

Part of Disney’s purpose was to make people happy and, whilst their films can sometimes make people sad, they have created some wonderful stories with great characters that lit up the imaginations of millions of children across the world. The moment you realise that you can’t win everybody round, the moment you free yourself up to focus on doing the best you can without fearing the possibility that someone, somewhere, might disagree.

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